Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Migrate Address

This blog actually have been banned by Blogger because of many article that links to pornography website. Those articles are sent by many websiter who have those kind of website, and blogger is prohibited to publish article that contain links to those kind of website. Even though this blog itself don't contain pornography but if link to the pornography site, blogger can ban your blog.

The links itself can come from many comments in your posting articles, so I just advise if you set your comment box not automatically published, because many comment from them just create a link to their pornography site. To set your blog to moderate comment you just go to your blogger setting and then go to comment toolbar button and browse down and choose your comment to "always moderation".

Monday, August 7, 2017

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Blog Promo With no Back Link Will died

So many web promotion here, you just published your promotion but never create link to your blog address, this will make bad effect to your promotion because your blog have no power to link to you. In order you can get more visitor to your blog, you should create link to your blog promotion or your promotion article from your blog or from your website. Without any link come to your blog promotion will result in zero.

To realize this you can create from your blog or to create from other blog comment. More link come to your blog promotion will create more power, so your blog promotion also will get high power back link. So don't be hesitate to create back link to your blog promotion to make your blog itself have high power or high rank also.